Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Moments

It was a coincidence that this post is related to my Final Year Project. I'm doing a research on Happiness.

What is happiness? What does happiness consists? What makes us happy? The most important question is, what makes life worthful?

Well, I can't answer all this question because I haven't been through most of my life. I'm still young to realise some happiness in our life. At this moment, I only know that, being alive is something to be happy of.

I ask people around me, what is their moments of happiness? This is a few responses from them.

"I'm happy when I'm able to play a good futsal game with my best friends and able to perform well in the whole game."

OTHERS said, "Being happy is happiness."

ONE said, "I define happiness simply by being myself. Having the people I treasure as part of my life and being myself is like accepting myself in all aspects. Happiness is not just merely feelings but a fact which it appears through the form of feelings being expressed. But sometimes, happiness can be from inner side, not necessary a feeling expressed but a thought."

ANOTHER said, "I'm happy when I can graduate with good grades and share it with my parents. I'm able to survive, eat and also sleep."

SOME ELSE said, "Do whatever you want and like with the person you like is happiness, no matter how tough it is."

ONE of the FEW said, "Seeing others that I love and being with them. It's some feeling looking at those you love and your heart feel warm and content."

THE PHILOSOPHER friend said, "Happiness to me is understanding that I deserve all emotions, being able to learn and unlearn, care not being judge and never to judge, understanding life is but a game to be played."

An AUNTIE said," Having good food with my family is happiness."

One PERSON said, "Happiness is the first sign of joy when a heart's desire becomes a reality - a true, innocent and unprocessed joy. However, like most pure substances, the purest form of happiness is easily contaminated by thoughts and time, most often than not change the way happiness is felt."

Well, the Seowan(me) would say, "Happiness is when you're able to believe in something that motivates you and give you a meaning in life. Based on this, you feel content, joy and peace in your life. When you actually felt all of this, you are experiencing happiness. Happiness is also a process of learning, experiencing, growing, appreciate and death. It's a part of life."

There's a lot of moments that you can tell me. Still, happy moments doesn't come suddenly, it needs to go through some process before you realise that you had a happy moment. For example, you feel happy because you have a good girl friend. This is because you know how others feel for not having a good girl friend. You had the experience of something bad and thus, you feel happy that you don't have it now.

Do cherish every happy moments that you have and make it a lesson for others too.
Remember to ask yourself, "What is my happy moments?"

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