Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Day 2
Punctual today. 1-Kelvin 1-Habit. Well, today was totally out of expectation when they said they gonna bring me to Setapak campus to promote their programme in FES, Faculty of Engineering and Science. This trip allows me to explore not only the student of FES but also the officer of SSCU that bring me along.

Both officer are graduates from TAR, one from KTAR another from UTAR. KTAR graduate gave me the feeling that she is still searching for a right job. On the other side, UTAR graduate gave me the euthasiam of being an officer in SSCU. A person who likes her work.

From observing both person's working attitude, I found out that both is at a different level of maturity within themselves. Although I won't say that I'm mature enough to talk about it, I just couldn't not notice the differences.

At the end of day, I was sent to finish my power point slides in ICT lab.

Trying my best to adapt to my migraine during these 2 days. I was having a heavy migraine that makes me couldn't sleep well at all. It continues to be like this for 2 days.

Met a few guys from Setapak campus, nice guy indeed.

I think I gonna cut my hair. If not, I will look like barbarians from jungle. I had to cut my Janggut for this job. Damn. haha.

A Road Map to FES, UTAR Setapak Campus:

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