Thursday, June 12, 2008


Day 9
Wake up quite early today for the first time, was punctual. 2-Kelvin, 1-Habit.
In the previous few days of internship, I was sent to Sg Long and Setapak to work. Well, every time when I was send to a place to work, I gain new experience that I never expect I should.

In Sg Long, I totally salute to my collegue for her way of controlling the crowd. Totally in control. I should learn from her more often. I also met my old friends whom I haven't meet for like freaking 6-8 years. I was so happy that day that I almost get high. haha.

Speak well in English doesn't mean that you can perform well in public. The confidence and the bravery needed to speak in public(strangers) is actually more than what I expected. Things might even go chaos when you're not prepare mentally.

In Setapak, I realise that my uncompleted engineering background actully helps me to educate people about soft skills. I didn't wasted my dad's money in engineering! Good! Hope he have cold down after he sees my result.

Never did I expected to work in UTAR, and never did I expected that there's people that I admire in Softskills Unit.

Having a family and some background that he is not kinda proud of, he is indeed a person with a lot of experiences. You can learn a lot of things from him, from politics to anything that you can relate. He jokes when you never notice. So beware of him when he is around, he might make you dizzy :D.

Being in a place where's chinese is the main population, she is definitely someone I look up to. A friendly person that I hope to be friend with.

I can speak personally with a few people but not in the crowd. It was my weakness. I was never prepared when I'm in big crowd. But if it is just a small group of people, I would be able to take control of the situation. This is also what I am good at. Mood itself, will also affect my performance, whether in presentation or attitude. This, I think I need to learn to be consistence with my lifestyle and Take Charge.

Working in here doesn't seem to be same as working in Celcom. It is a different environment and atmosphere. Working here has been an experience even if it was only been 9 days.

Suprisingly, soft skills unit was visited by a lot of student. I do hope UTAR gonna make this unit as independent as possible. As a University that focus on soft skills, improvement on management will definitely help her to grow.

Conscience guide us in making right decisions and let us aware of our sins, but JC allow us to correct the sin that we have done and be congruence with our conscience.

Oh ya, petrol price increase doesn't help the nation to aware of the traffic jam in KL. Totally ignorance.

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