Thursday, June 19, 2008


A word that I'm keen of , connect and connections.

It always relates something to something, a circle of something or even sexual intercourse?
It was tough to make a connection that you never had before. Building a connection with someone else is not as easy as connecting a bridge from one end to another end.

Both ends need to agree that there is a connection, otherwise the bridge will fall. But for a physical bridge, all it needs is just calculations and physics. A bridge that is invisible, last longer but it's hard to maintain. How do we build it? How do we maintain it? How do we pass this knowledge and wisdom to others? All of this is something that we, as a person, should seek for.

A fake connections creates fake ends.
A bridge will collapse when there is a poor material.

So how do we build it? with what?
There's a few things that I realise. We need to be sincere at the beginning until the end, be honest and truthful with our thoughts. This is the basic requirement to make connections. Even if the other end do not think that you're sincere, that attitude of us will definitely change their thoughts sooner or later.

There's no ABC steps to really make connections. There's only a simple guidelines to follow: what's the purpose behind making connections? Asking this question will actually guide us in our attempts of connecting the both ends.

So, do we need to maintain a connection? Again, it depends on the purpose behind making a connection. If there is a higher purpose, we should do it. The method that we use to maintain it could be in any ways. An example would be through communication.

Can we pass this connection to other people? Well, I think we can't really do that. Connection is built with time and sincere effort. It is the basic and only requirement of connecting. hehe.

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