Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ipoh with Vieng

God have given me a few oppourtunity and chance to re-do something that I have done wrong. Will God take back what He have given me? Well I think He will, since He is the almighty one. I just hope that things will go well when everything is not what I thought it is.

We went to Ipoh with Vieng, a navigator from California.

Vieng in RED.

He wanted to visit the fighting fish(Betta splendens),FF in Ipoh. According to him, Ipoh is well known for his FF breeding. The FF is export to the States because of their tough scales fish compare to other country's FF.

So, he got some breeder's name from his FF buddy and we are on our way to IPOH.

Actually there's something attracting our attention. hehe. Look at Dato's tummy, it looks like it's growing bigger.

KY talking to her client, distraction that makes Malaysian late for their meetings.

Well, when we said that we are on our way, we are really ON the way, or we haven't started the trip yet in Malaysian context. According to an OBSERVATION done by Vieng, Malaysian have a good habit of not fixing their time schedule in the correct day and time. When we say 5pm, it might be an hour later, or 12 hours later. It depends on who you're looking at :D.

Before we head for the farms for FF, we stop by a place in Ipoh to meet KY's (not KY gel) family in some stall that is famous for their Ipoh Yong Tau Foo under a BIG tree.

They really have nice and cheap food in Ipoh. We had a conclusion of why Ipoh food is nicer compare to KL. According to Dato, it is because of the water. Their water is better in terms of minerals (hard water). Hence, not only the food is nice, the "lui" from Ipoh also nice hahaha.


After filling our stomach with nice food and nice VIEWs, we are now ready to head for the fightings, the legend and the birth place of FF!!! The place we are heading to is Guntong, a small village famous for FF. If I'm not wrong, the place we are heading, is the only place that is famous for FF. They actually have a website of their own.

The FISH pond.

When we reach there, I wasn't excited at all because I'm not that into FF. But when I listen to Vieng and the breeder talks about the FF (since I'm the translator, I'm forced to understand), I start to like FF. Well, the interesting part of a FF would the gambling. Since I'm a lousy but entertaining gambler, that do attract my attention :P.

The baby Fishes.

The Water that looks like URINE!!! So be careful when you buy your fish, they might be swimming in someone's recycled URINE. Save the water, Save the World!!!

We had some chit chat with the workers, some photo making, some door hitting on the forehead of a kid, and we are back to some FOOOODDD.

The Famous Tauge Chicken

Souvenir for our House.

I was left alone in Ipoh with my bag and something special. Now, it's time for my one day backpacking in a foreign town that I never come to stay at before. Ipoh looks like the small town of Kuantan, a place that I grew up in and had a lot of memories. I enjoyed a lot of the slow moving pace of Ipoh. I also enjoyed the old grandma in Ipoh and her preety granddaughter. The cheap and nice food and also the rain that remind me of my childhood in Kuantan.

It smells like Kuantan and it sounds like one too. The bird chirping makes me feel like I'm in Kuantan. The fresh breeze in the morning and in the bus, remind me of the primary and secondary school memories that I had in the school buses. The gal that I'm trying to be friend with and friends I make in the buses.

I think a lot when I'm alone, I think through almost everything that I'm going through in my recent new born life. The relationships I have, the people I know and the life that God gave me.
Thanks God for everything.


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