Monday, July 21, 2008

Absence of Soul

What does it feel when u miss someone?
My friend has been missing for almost 2 weeks. So what happen to this friend of mine? I don't know haha. Well, imagine you had an accident and a part of your body is gone, what will you feel? Definitely a phantom effect that you still think that this part of your body is still around.

My colleague took 1 week leave, and it really makes me feel that sometimes, people around you doesn't have to be dead to feel this effect. It will just happen anywhere, any time as long as you are used to that person being around of you.

DNA Phantom Effects

While searching for the definition of phantom effects, I stumble upon another incredible theory on DNA Phantom Effects. A theory that draws my attention. Photons are insert into a controlled vacuum environment and they move in a random distribution. The incredible thing is that when DNA is put into this environment, the photons move in a wave length aligned to the DNA's wave length. When the DNA is taken out, the photons still move in the similar wave length as the DNA. This actually means that a copy of the DNA is remain in the photons through some data stored within the wave length. It just means that DNA can actually restructure the data or particles in the scope of quantum physic point of view. Indirect, it just affects everything in our life.

Particles such as photons perform in wave phenomena. If you look at a bigger scale other than quantum scale, you will see that, wave form kind of particles such as sound, works similar like photons. Imagine DNA affects sound, brain wave, your visual, and almost anything in the world, this definitely something that is related to the beginning of words.

From my psychology point of view, our mindset is a kind of DNA. It will alter anything thing that it touch. So, our spiritual mindset is also affecting all of our body. God's word is a pattern that will alter everything in His way.

Well, I miss my friend. :D

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