Sunday, August 10, 2008

Graduation in MMU 2008

Memories is always the best when you look back at it. Looking at the things that happen within this year. It makes me wonder, did I make mistakes that I can learn? I would say yes, and there's a lot of them. Mistake that would make me grow within and without. Relationships that I never thought I would have, life that makes me appreciate and  times that I wasted upon.

God spare us with things that we never wanted but always needed. I think it is time for me to really think about issues that I'm really facing. Since the days in MMU, I have learn to express myself in blog. A blog that I never thought it would be my diary that makes me who I am. Issues that I already had it even before I join MMU. A lot of things happen during my duty as a student and a believer of Christ. Would that be enough and prepared me to accept the reason behind my life and purpose?

I'm still pondering on this question of life. Would it be everlasting or just a temporary issues? Well definitely a good point for me to start my life with.

I wonder, how does it feel to miss someone?

Kian Meng, an excellent student.
My kaki lepak in MMU, Brian and Teo. 

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