Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wes from Kentucky

Wes from Kentucky visited us who is in Malaysia. This is what happen during his visit and we enjoy being with him.

We celebrated Andrew's Birthday.

We had a SMALL chat before we go to sleep.

We had our English class together and we played MAFIA. I'm totally a psychotic MAFIA.

We hang out in some of the famous places among the student.

We had our Batman: Dark Knight in TGV. A freaking cool movie.

I forced him to finish the ugliest food you can find in Malaysia.

He told us about the slumps in Philippines.

He was a person like me, maybe slightly better. A person with clear goals but lack of motivation and discipline. High flexibility and adaptation skills.A person that God will definitely bless and uses. My prayers to him is that he learn about God in the stricter way and being able to excel better than me. Hopefully that the next time I met him, he will grow in the way of a excellent Christian in God's eyes. Amen.

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