Monday, September 08, 2008


You know what, I just realise, there's a lot more reason for me not to worry about her. But, my heart don't allow me to do so. I can't believe that deep down in my heart, she is always there. Emotionally attached is not that easy to break off especially when there's a lot of things that I owe her. I didn't know that expectation from me would hurt someone so deep. Deeper than cuts from a knife. A wound that couldn't heal fast. It may even kill her soul.

Memories that I promise.
Promises that I couldn't achieve.
Achievement that is not a success.
None of them done their job.

I'm worried, not myself but the one I love.
I wish her happy.
I pray hard for her.
I only wish, I was there to help her.
I believe that God have done incredible things.
It's so great that sometimes, I couldn't resist to ask help from God.

God, I pray that, You will help her through all the ups and downs in her life. Encourage her when she go through any suffering and temptation. Help her in her studies. Bring her up when she is down. Comfort her when she cries. Give her things that she needed. I only pray that she lives happily ever after.

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