Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Daylight Robbery in 61 (Petaling Jaya)

It was an exciting moment of thrill and adrenaline rush throughout my body. I feel a lot alive compare to the few days before. I felt the basic instinct of surviving, I felt I was alive.

It happen a few hours ago...
(Well, before I tell you the story, let's have a glimpse at what happen long long time ago... this post : The Day I was Afraid)

All this happen around 1pm, 17 Feb 2009, yeah it is today...

   Lance was back from paying the bills, waiting for me downstairs. I was making myself ready at the 2nd floor to tapau all my rubbish to move to his house. Then suddenly, I heard some people coming in our house, I realise something is going wrong and run down and saw 2 malay guys wearing helmet asking, "Mana XXX? Dia tinggal sini, panggil dia." The moment I heard this, I sense that something is wrong, so I stop one of the big guy from going up to the 2nd floor. He was wearing a blue jeans,white collar shirt and a silver helmet. The moment I try to stop him from moving, he took his "parang" out.

   You know la, when psychotic people like me saw a parang, sure I will run back to my room. I locked myself in my room and started shouting "Tolong!". I don't know why I shout in malay, maybe because they were Malays???  Straight after I shout, the door was break and the "parang" is in front of me. I dunno why, but he ran down back to where Lance is.

   At that moment, my mind only focus on running. So where's the best place to run? Definitely the balcony, which I will jump if they try to hurt me. So I quickly take the keys hanging beside me and open the balcony's door and stay outside the fence of the balcony (I forgot to lock it, damn.) . I took off my shirt and wave to anyone that I saw. Only my neighbour reponse to my help, other people was just passing by. ( What a sad scenario...) I use my body language and movement of my lips to tell her that I was robbed. She ask her maid to call the police.

   Right after that, the big guy come and look for me. Shit, the "parang" still in his hand. I know I have to surrender. So I let him search my pockets, and luckily I hide my stuff under my bed but unfortunately, my phone is in my pocket T_T. He took my phone and run down to the living room. I don't know what they are doing there, but a moment later, I saw a bike with 2 person on it, speeding out from our house.

   That was the time when my rational mind come back to me, I ran down and grab the phone that the neighbour hand it to me and contact the police.

Description of the Suspect :
First Suspect - Around 30 year old Malay male, 175cm, Bigger size than me. wearing blue jeans ,white collar shirt and wearing silver helmet when they robbed us.
Second Suspect - Malay male with unclear age. He was wearing orange chocolate stripes shirt.
Both Suspect was suspect to take drugs before they rob us.
They was riding on a bike with plate WBQ 8841.

The ronda police came 5mins after the event took place. I'm glad the police did their job. Those are not normal police, they are armed police. I feel like I'm in a police movie. Anyway, we did our job by reporting to the new section 17 Police Department near the nasi kandar there. ( Reminder: We must always make a report no matter how inconvinience it is to do those report.) We were ask to go to the cirminal police departmeent at mutiara damansara to be interviewed by Inspector Kalang. Handsome man with a good manner. It was a total different experience from what I had in Rawang. The police in Rawang was rude! We finish our questioning and we heard back for home. The police was there to take photos and look at the surrounding. One weird part of it was, why are they asking me about the price of the rental and house??? The 1st police until the last police ask the same question.

The end of my story and my experience.

Please remember this number plate WBQ 8841 and take a photo of the driver and mail it to me. Please, your cooperation will definitely improve PJ's calm and peaceful environment :D.

After the robbery, lance and me discussed on the factors that cause this robbery.
1.  We didn't LOCK our DOORS!
2.  NO CURTAINS blocking their view inside the house
3.  They realize we are moving house. Rubbish all outside the house.
4.  Lastly, it was lance 1st time, he is still a virgin. :D He was robbed of his virginity and dignity in surprise :D.

Viewing from a psychological aspect, there is a few factors that save and delay us from harm.
1.  The moment we sense danger, seek for safety and help. An example for my experience is that I run upstairs and lock myself in the room. While in the room, I shout as loud as I can for help. That anyhow, alert the dogs and my neighbour.
2.  Seek for open space or places that normally public can see. Well, I think I did that pretty well. I ran to the balcony and wave my shirt for help again. And that was a critical move, it cause the robber to hesistate stabbing me in open air. It was also the time where my neighbour saw me. A mistake is that I didn't lock the balcony door. Ish!
3.  Our house is too messy to really find anything valuable. HAHA, I have to say, making ourselves a mess actually helps.:D
4.  Hide your belongings in places that is totally unpredictable. I hide it under my bed.

There's always something disspointing in tragedy like this, here's one.
   Never ever just stop and ignore shouts that come out suddenly. Those are critical moments where crime was happening. Don't be idle, be alert and look for the source. You might actually save a life from being curious and brave. That's what nowadays people lack of, being curious.
   Another thing is that people seems to critize on the event that is happening and ignore the feelings and emotion of the victim. Those people are people I call them 马后炮. They only help to make you more troublesome and making you feeling down after what had happen. I pity lance, cause he gonna go through that later tonight.

A bit of information.


A forwarded email.

Subject: Rise In Crime Rate In Klang Valley
 Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen

Key this number into your handphones! Please be careful!
Some good advises for the prevention of crime.
The telephone number 03-22626555 is to Bukit Aman!
Hotline Wilayah Police: 03-20520199

It was brought to our attention by the city police that
there has been a 7% rise in crime rate in Klang Valley (Kuala
Lumpur) over the weeks.

These crimes are mainly Bag Snatching, House Break-Ins, Car Thefts
and etc. By far Bag Snatching has been the one with the biggest
increase and police is advising especially ladies to avoid walking
about with hand bags if possible.

During the meeting it was also brought to our attention that the
emergency number 999 is at times not well manned so calls can go
unanswered. This happened recently when the German Ambassador tried
calling 999 when his house was broken into and could not reach
in time to avoid the robbery. Police now have a control centre
telephone number and everyone should be able to call in case of
emergency. The number is 03 2262 6555. Please keep this number handy
and educate your family members on this.

Please find below some tip on Bag Snatching.

Bag snatching.
Never carry a handbag, but instead try a backpack style worn
correctly or a 'bum bag'. Do not carry anything in your bag you
cannot afford to lose. Be particularly mindful of your bag when you
are on your hand phone, loading the car, getting in and out of a
in a crowded area or if motorbikes are coming past you. To help
prevent snatch thieves taking your phone, switch it to vibrate, keep
it in your pocket and use a hands free set while walking ? If they
can't see or hear it, its less likely to attract attention. Walk
from the kerb edge, not along the side of the road.

Be suspicious if you get a puncture after leaving a bank or ATM. It
is possible that someone saw you withdraw the cash and placed the
nail in your tyre so they could grab it as they offer to help you
 change your wheel. Be suspicious of people offering to help you into
 your car with shopping etc. It's easy for them to snatch a bag when
you are occupied with kids or bags.

Sexual assaults/Improper advances.
With an assault, scream, shout, fight, run? Do whatever is.
Necessary to attract attention to yourself and get out of the area
 fast. It goes without saying that most attacks of this type tend to
happen in isolated, dark or empty places ? Avoid such places if
and make sure that you have your hand phone available ? If you are
unhappy, start making calls, describing the man/ the taxi driver,
registration number, location, anything that will put the attacker
off before hand. With improper advances; most offences of this type
tend to happen in public, and in crowded places; particularly on
buses and in trains. The best way to deal with this is SHOUT,
directly at the offender or in his general direction and tell him,
no uncertain terms that you do NOT want him to touch you. Don't get
off at the next station, unless its your stop and there's people
you. If its in the workplace? Report it immediately.

Emergency Numbers

Police & Ambulance 999
Fire Brigade 994
Civil Defense 991

Police Stations
Kuala Lumpur - HQ 2262-6222
Selangor 5510-5522
Shah Alam 5510-2222
Petaling Jaya 7956-2222
Subang Jaya 5633-2222
KLIA Police 8787-2222
Dang Wangi 2691-2222
Brickfields 2274-4465
Cheras 984-2222
Ampang 4252-2222
Klang 3371-2222
Damansara 7722-2222
Puchong 8075-2222
Subang SAAS Airport Police 740-2299

Fire Brigade
Kuala Lumpur 2148-6362
Petaling Jaya 7958-5870, 7958-4444
Shah Alam 5519-4444
Traffic Offence Hotline 232-1140

Taken from Palmdoc's page of useful Malaysian info for your PDA

Phew, things go so fast that I almost forget, I still need to clean up my house! Yeah I'm finally back to myself. Dang, I didn't know an event like this actually pump my motivation to do something. :D

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