Thursday, March 17, 2011

Changes of Me @ Ling Lee

Up until today, my heart was filled with fear of the changes to come. What kind of person do I want to be? What means the most to me? How do I want my life to be? How will I be truly happy? I went for a walk yesterday, and I was at peace. The sky was so blue, the wind so gentle~ My mind was empty, my heart was calm. I’ve made my decision, my dreams are clear, and from this moment on, I’m chasing them.

To my family,
Ah Lung, you’re my only brother, my life will be with a lot less smiles and laughter without you. Mii, I can’t count all the arguments and disagreements we have had, but I know you only mean well for me. Pa, I know you’ve always tried to protect me from the world and mistakes. All you’ve done means much to me,’s time to let me walk through life, fall, and make my own mistakes. Knowing all of you will be there for me when I get up again is more than enough.

To my friends who care for me, and I for them,
I remember the experiences I shared with each of you, and they will forever be a part of me. Some of you have gone away, for different reasons. Near or far, I hope we can continue to count on each other. Everyone’s going through different things right now, but I’ll always be there to help if anyone needs me. Please wait patiently for my 1st OR 2nd pay, I’ll belanja you guys one by one :)

To the one I love,
You know me best, because I share my heart with you. The moments with you...are always my happiest. You’ve done as much as you can for me, your love helps me grow stronger. With you...I can be myself, I can be weak, I can show you my true heart and soul. Every word you’ve said to me, I listened and tried to understand.
Forgive me for all the things I’ve said and done that hurt you, forgive me for pushing you away. You deserve my trust & my faith. Doubting you, means I doubt myself. To make things better, I know I have to become more mature, positive, independent. I have to be myself & grow into the person I want to be.

To me,
Keep things simple~
Be brave and don’t be scared of changes, you can make them changes for the better~
Change, but always stay true to yourself~
Treat everyone you love as well as you can~
When you’re emotional, stop, take a deep breath, and keep calm~
Make your decisions for the right reasons, and after considering all the choices and consequences of those choices~
Be positive~
Love like you’ve never been hurt before~
Don’t settle for a safe life because you’re scared of trying & failing, Reach for your Dreams~
Experience everything that life has to offer~
Learn from your failures but, try everything FRESH like you’ve never failed before~
Most of all, don’t hold yourself back~
Live your life with no regrets, cause you only have one life~

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